If you're interested in having a group event with Malletball or Toequet and you live in any of the following areas, contact your local Area Representative from the list below. All others should contact The Toequet Company directly at:

Tim Grollimund
Central Virginia
Metro Richmond, Fredericksburg
Charlottesville, Lake Gaston
Tidewater and northeast North Carolina
(804) 744-5771

Cecil Myers
Central Louisiana Community Foundation
All of Louisiana, excluding New Orleans
and the river parishes

Bill McKee
Western Indiana, Central Indiana, and Eastern Illinois.

Bob Henry
Wichita area
(316) 828-8409

Bob Alman
Southeast Florida
Palm Beach, Martin, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. WicketSports Unlimited, National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach
(561) 689-1800

Reuben Edwards
Northern California
San Francisco, Marin County, East Bay, South Bay, and Peninsula.

Michael Orgill
Northern California
Napa and Sonoma counties and the Sacramento area.


WE’RE A SMALL NEW COMPANY with great ideas, tremendous confidence in our products, and boundless enthusiasm for the new games played with our equipment. Our marketing and sales model calls for appointing local representatives to introduce these games and products into their local conducting paid group events, selling equipment on commission, publicizing Toequet and Malletball, and getting a percentage of all Internet sales generated for their region through our Website, &

THE INVESTMENT REQUIRED is small. The monetary rewards could be substantial, but probably not huge. The enjoyment of games and sports and satisfaction of directing events for people engaged in having a great time is a major reward of this work. We believe the ideal candidate is already established in a business or profession and does not depend upon equipment sales and events with our products to earn a full living. People in the hospitality industry, event planners, recreation center directors, hotel sales managers, members of business and civic associations, club organizers, church activity directors....anyone with ties to the community who enjoys organizing fun events is a candidate.

A MEDIA-FRIENDLY PERSONALITY doesn’t hurt, either. You are bound to get local press coverage for your first events and your biggest events if you make half an effort. Why? Because these games are absolutely new, and very photogenic. That’s a feature story - about you and a new extreme sport you’re introducing to your community. Send out some press releases on a worthwhile event you’re participating in with Toequet or Malletball - perhaps a fundraiser for a popular local charity - and the feature stories that result will be an enormous help to you in generating clients for your other group events.

THE BASIC AGREEMENT calls for the purchase of a small stock of equipment sufficient to conduct a modest revenue event, along with a service fee of $200 and a $100 sales kit (including a marketing and sales manual and brochures and a floor model demonstration wicket) and a payment of $50 per million persons in the region you have chosen to represent (determined by zip codes). The initial agreement is for 24 months, annually renewable. The only cost of yearly renewals is $200 for the service fee and $50 per million for the population base fee.

YOU MAY CONDUCT ANY NUMBER OF EVENTS with the equipment, with our full guidance and support - and you may directly sell equipment for a commission of 30 percent of the selling price. PLUS - and here’s the best part - you get a full 15 percent of all the “indirect” sales through and that come from your region....whether you have any direct involvement in “selling“ the equipment or not!

THE AREA REP AGREEMENT is really an exclusive sales arrangement that encourages the Rep to make these X-treme Wicketsport products known in his or her region through these dual incentives: getting a commission from all sales in the area, either “direct” or through the Website; and generating further sales by conducting group events with the equipment, from which you also generate revenue. The Area Rep has complete control over marketing and pricing for these events, and the revenue from these group events should constitute the largest share of the Area Rep’s income.

HOW MUCH REVENUE will you generate from a single event? With your basic stock, you can have 16 people playing simultaneously, and a reasonable charge would be $15 a ball, $15 x 16, or $240, for a two- to three-hour event. If you’re going to be at an all-day event, you should obviously charge more. For charities and to create local exposure, you might charge much less, or even give away some events in the name of good marketing and public relations strategy. When you create an opportunity to sell larger events - for 32 or 64 playing simultaneously, for example - the revenue from those events can quickly finance your purchase of expanded equipment stock at 70 percent of the list price. And there will be many occasions for you to sell equipment on the spot to participants in your events who get instantly hooked on the game - either equipment used in the event, or one of the consignment sets you can request from The Toequet Company.

OUR AREA REPS ARE NOT FRANCHISEES, and we do not sell franchises. The minimum investment we require of an Area Rep represents tangible value in goods and services received. The Toequet Company’s intention is to fully support the Area Reps in making money through equipment sales and group revenue events.

THE AREA REP’S REGION should be no larger than a two-hour drive from the Rep’s home base. That’s the reasonable limit within which a Rep might sell an event - to a hotel convention group, an employee Olympics, or a public festival, for example - conduct the event and return home all in one day. Within those limits, the Rep may choose the exact population area to be included in the agreement, by zipcodes, based on $50 per million population.

STILL INTERESTED? For further particulars, send an email to Bob Alman, Director of Marketing and Development, at:

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